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Mind, Body and Spirit

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A Guide to Back Pain: Symptoms, causes, treatmentA Guide to Back Pain: Symptoms, causes, treatmentOur price: £6.99ViewIf you suffer from back pain you will have your own methods to cope with it - but there may be other things to consider, and new ways to approach the problem you are experiencing.A Guide to DiabetesA Guide to DiabetesOur price: £6.99ViewA diagnosis of diabetes can be a frightening prospect for anyone. There is a lot of information out there about it, but much of it is contradictory and rather confusing. This book is an up-to-date guide to diabetes.Aromatherapy - using healing plants and essential oils for a calmer lifeAromatherapy - using healing plants and essential oils for a calmer lifeRRP: £8.99Our price: £5.99You save: £3.00 (33%)ViewAromatherapy - using healing plants and essential oils for a calmer life ISBN 9781855340619 Publication: Summer 2022
DetoxDetoxOur price: £6.99ViewSometimes, in times of stress, you feel like you need a little extra boost to perk you up. Something to keep you going without resorting to consuming energy drinks or endless coffees. Detox, by health journalist Rosalyn Patrick, outlines a plan for a healthy diet, which will enhance your body's natural functions. Healing FoodsHealing FoodsOur price: £6.99ViewAs individuals, we can influence our own good health through simple lifestyle choices. And of those choices, diet and nutrition is one of the most important. Healthy Eating PlanHealthy Eating PlanOur price: £6.99ViewThe Healthy Eating Plan is a tried and tested guide to nutrition and shows you how to make your own plan, and to set goals in book form. The book has charts for you to fill in and track your progress.
Live Longer, Extend Your LifeLive Longer, Extend Your LifeOur price: £6.99ViewLive Longer, Extend Your Life explores ways in which an ordinary person can influence his or her own lifespan, vitality and health, to achieve a healthy and active old age. Practising ReikiPractising ReikiOur price: £6.99ViewPractising Reiki by Jennie Austin is an updated edition of one of the most accessible and understandable books on Reiki on the market, written by an experienced Master Practitioner and Master Teacher. Yoga and MeditationYoga and MeditationOur price: £6.99ViewYoga and Meditation explains what yoga and meditation are and provides a helpful introduction to the key yoga positions with practical advice on meditation. Yoga and meditation as disciplines can help towards breath control, clarity of thought, fitness, a calmer life and better self-awareness. Yoga positions can help stretch and bring healing to tense muscles. The book gives advice on creating a lifestyle that is conducive to inner calm. With line drawings, the yoga section shows you how to achieve yoga positions from easy to hard. This book is a good entry-level book to the subjects of yoga and meditation.
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