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Afrikaans-English, English-Afrikaans Dictionary: With over 28,000 entriesAfrikaans-English, English-Afrikaans Dictionary: With over 28,000 entriesOur price: £6.99View Over 28,000 entries Numbered senses Idioms Compact bilingual resource for learners and visitors to South Africa Simple and easy access to essential Afrikaans and English vocabulary Parts of speech for every entry to aid correct usage Aardvark, meerkat, wildebeest, springbok, trek: did you know these were words from Afrikaans? There are about 7 million native speakers of Afrikaans in South Africa. It's the third-most-spoken language in the country. Afrikaans developed from Dutch, arriving with the Dutch East India Company of 1652, but it's now the vibrant and expressive language of diverse ethnicities, which has over the years intertwined itself with the vocabulary of several cultures.English Dictionary: With IPA and easy-to-follow pronunciation guideEnglish Dictionary: With IPA and easy-to-follow pronunciation guideOur price: £6.99ViewAffordable, easy to use and clear – this concise, modern dictionary consists of 15,000 entries and 35,000 definitions. English-Welsh PhrasebookEnglish-Welsh PhrasebookOur price: £3.99View English-Welsh Phrasebook by D. Islwyn Edwards
First Learner’s Dictionary (2500 words, age 6+)First Learner’s Dictionary (2500 words, age 6+)Our price: £12.99ViewFirst Learner's Dictionary - for students learning EnglishGaelic-English DictionaryGaelic-English DictionaryOur price: £3.99ViewGaelic English DictionaryIrish PhrasebookIrish PhrasebookOur price: £3.99ViewIf you are learning Irish, or going on holiday or on a business trip to Ireland, this handy pocket book is an excellent resource. It provides, in addition to the phrases, invaluable information essential for the traveller in Ireland. Sections include:
Irish-English DictionaryIrish-English DictionaryOur price: £3.99ViewThe Irish-English Dictionary is fully up-to-date, fully comprehensive and a clearly presented compact dictionary. This book is a new edition of G&G's previous book and is an ideal reference aid for learners, and speakers of Irish. TPS: 148 x 110mm 240pp, pbMy First ABC Dictionary (250 words, age 2+)My First ABC Dictionary (250 words, age 2+)Our price: £5.99ViewMy First ABC Dictionary is a bright fun book with over 250 key words to help your child learn English. My First Dictionary with 1000 words for age 5+My First Dictionary with 1000 words for age 5+Our price: £7.99ViewMy First Dictionary: 1000 words in English with 160 pictures for Key Stage 1. Age 5+
Pocket French-English, English-French DictionaryPocket French-English, English-French DictionaryOur price: £3.99ViewThis new pocket edition of the Webster's Word Power Geddes & Grosset French–English, English–French Dictionary is particularly useful for students of language, for business purposes, and as a handy reference book for holidays and trips. With clear, comprehensive content, it provides quick and easy access to over 20,000 references.Scots-English DictionaryScots-English DictionaryOur price: £3.99ViewWith over 20,000 entries, the G&G Scots–English English–Scots Dictionary is a fascinating and useful guide to the language that developed alongside English in the northern parts of the British Isles. Spanish-English, English-Spanish Dictionary: With over 36,000 entriesSpanish-English, English-Spanish Dictionary: With over 36,000 entriesOur price: £7.99View Clear, modern entries 384-page bilingual format Easy-to-read format This new, updated, concise Spanish-English, English-Spanish dictionary is particularly useful for students of language, and for business purposes. Inexpensive and accessible, it has clear and comprehensive content, with lists of verb structures, auxiliary verbs, irregular verbs, and quick and easy reference to over 36,000 entries. Thoroughly revised for today’s language needs.
Spanish-English, English-Spanish Pocket DictionarySpanish-English, English-Spanish Pocket DictionaryOur price: £3.99ViewThe Spanish-English, English-Spanish Pocket Dictionary is fully up to date and clearly presented. Particularly useful for quick reference when travelling for students of language, business purposes and visitors.Geddes & Grosset have been producing language dictionaries for the last 30 years. The New Choice English DictionaryThe New Choice English DictionaryOur price: £5.99ViewThe New Choice English Dictionary is often chosen by schools for its students. The dictionary is clearly and concisely presented, has a clear, easy-to-read typeface, and is ideal for use in the school, home and office. With 384 pages, the book has a useful list of commonly misspelled words at the back, and a list of weights and measurements. This dictionary has been in print since 1999 and has been revised several times in this period. The dictionary is very good value as well as good quality. The format is 193 x 124mm, paperback, with a four colour cover. It is suitable for use in junior schools.The New Choice Primary Dictionary (8000 entries, age 7+ Primary 4 and 5)The New Choice Primary Dictionary (8000 entries, age 7+ Primary 4 and 5)Our price: £9.99ViewThe Primary Dictionary
Welsh-English, English-Welsh Dictionary by D. Geraint LewisWelsh-English, English-Welsh Dictionary by D. Geraint LewisOur price: £3.99ViewWelsh-English Dictionary by D.Geraint Lewis
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