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Children's Bible Stories

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Jesus Calls His DisciplesJesus Calls His DisciplesOur price: £3.99ViewSuitable for children aged 5+, this favourite Bible story is told by JudyHamilton, and illustrated by Lindsay Duff. The Birth of JesusThe Birth of JesusOur price: £3.99ViewThe Birth of Jesus is the story of how an angel of God appears to Mary inNazareth, and tells her she will have a baby called Jesus, in a miraculous birth.The angel says ‘Jesus is the Son of God’. Mary marries the carpenter Joseph. Inthat time Rome ruled Israel and a census meant men had to return to the townof their birth, so Mary then travels with her new husband Joseph to Bethlehem.She gives birth to Jesus in a stable, as there is no room anywhere else, andcertainly not at the inn. The angel of the Lord appears to three wise men, andthree shepherds who are told to travel to the stable to see the Son of God, whois a Saviour for all the people. They travel. Then the Angel appears again andwarns Mary that King Herod is having all baby boys under the age of two killed,so Mary and Joseph flee to Egypt, and later return to Nazareth after Herod dies.The Feeding of the Five ThousandThe Feeding of the Five ThousandOur price: £3.99ViewThe Feeding of the Five Thousand tells the story of Jesus turning five loaves andtwo small fish into enough food to feed the 5000 people who had followed Jesusto the lake. It also includes the story of Jesus walking on the water in a big stormand helping to save Peter from the water.
The Good SamaritanThe Good SamaritanOur price: £3.99ViewSuitable for children aged 5+, these favourite Bible stories are retold by JudyHamilton, and illustrated by Lindsay Duff. They are especially suitable for readingaloud. TPS: 167 x 114mm; 32pp self-ends. Hardback.
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