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New New There are 9 products in this category.Word Power SeriesWord Power Series The Geddes & Grosset Word Power series contains books that will help you learn and improve your English language skills at home and for study.There are 31 products in this category.PocketsPocketsThere are 10 products in this category.
Puzzle books - G&G BrainTrain 101 series of Crosswords, Wordsearch, Word Puzzles and SudokuPuzzle books - G&G BrainTrain 101 series of Crosswords, Wordsearch, Word Puzzles and SudokuThere are 7 products in this category.Readers SeriesReaders SeriesWhether you are a student, or an English language learner, or just looking for something great to read in English, the Word Power English Readers are a new series of books with abridged, retold texts that capture the best and key elements of the novels they are based on, with character notes, author biography and details about the time in which each novel was written. There is also a glossary of the less familiar words in each book. The English used in the Readers is very clear and the elegance of the language will inspire calm in the reader. This series will help both students of the novels, as well as students of English, who are looking to gain fluency in English. Each book comes with an audio recording on a CD placed into the back of the book. The recording is read by an actor who speaks clearly and slowly for those less familiar with the English language. The book and audio recording can be used together to help students learn the correct pronunciation as they read and to improve their sight word recognition. Audio-assisted reading also helps to build fluency skills by allowing students to hear the tone and pace of a skilful reader. The level of the Readers is B1/B2, and they are suitable for age 10+ because of story content and theme. We recommend them to you strongly.There are 8 products in this category.Student's ShakespeareStudent's ShakespeareThere are 8 products in this category.
BilingualsBilingualsBilingual dictionaries – available spring 2015.There are 15 products in this category.DictionariesDictionariesThere are 19 products in this category.Mind, Body and SpiritMind, Body and SpiritThere are 15 products in this category.
HealthHealthThere are 13 products in this category.Early LearningEarly LearningThere are 51 products in this category.HistoryHistoryThere are 8 products in this category.
Robert BurnsRobert BurnsThere is 1 product in this category.E BooksE BooksGeddes and Grosset publish e books but we are sorry - they are not directly available for sale or download here. You can buy our e books from many online sellers and links are provided in each listing for you to search inside and get a look at each e book. We hope you will look at these and click the links to find out more. Thank you for reading on.There are 13 products in this category.Children's BooksChildren's BooksThere are 70 products in this category.
Children's Bible StoriesChildren's Bible StoriesThere are 4 products in this category.Children's Joke BooksChildren's Joke Books Rib-tickling jokes, groanable puns and silly gags to make your chums chortle, your granny groan, your brother bellow, and your cat complain. Amuse your pals and family with over 500 jokes in each book: Seriously Silly Jokes Simply Dreadful Jokes Really Rotten Jokes Incredibly Awful Jokes Fun for all the family with these new, full refreshed, funny jokes.There are 4 products in this category.Spanish-English booksSpanish-English books Spanish-English dictionaries from Geddes & GrossetThere are 3 products in this category.
New 2020New 2020There are 6 products in this category.For publishers and agents: Rights and licenses availableFor publishers and agents: Rights and licenses available This folder shows new titles where rights are available for license in various countries. If you are a publishing company, please get in touch via our website for more details. There are 5 products in this category.

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A Guide to DiabetesA Guide to DiabetesOur price: £5.99ViewA diagnosis of diabetes can be a frightening prospect for anyone. There is a lot of information out there about it, but much of it is contradictory and rather confusing. This book is an up-to-date guide to diabetes.BrainTrain: Word Puzzles 101: Book 4BrainTrain: Word Puzzles 101: Book 4Our price: £2.99ViewBrainTrain: Word Puzzles – 101 Puzzles – Book 4 BrainTrain: Wordsearch 101 Puzzles: Book 1BrainTrain: Wordsearch 101 Puzzles: Book 1Our price: £2.99ViewBrainTrain: Wordsearch – 101 Puzzles – Book 1
BrainTrain: Wordsearch 101 Puzzles: Book 4BrainTrain: Wordsearch 101 Puzzles: Book 4Our price: £2.99ViewBrainTrain: Wordsearch – 101 Puzzles – Book 4 Healing FoodsHealing FoodsOur price: £5.99ViewAs individuals, we can influence our own good health through simple lifestyle choices. And of those choices, diet and nutrition is one of the most important. Live Longer, Extend Your LifeLive Longer, Extend Your LifeOur price: £5.99ViewLive Longer, Extend Your Life explores ways in which an ordinary person can influence his or her own lifespan, vitality and health, to achieve a healthy and active old age.
Numbers Colour Fun Book 2 - Learn as you Colour seriesNumbers Colour Fun Book 2 - Learn as you Colour seriesOur price: £5.99ViewNow in stock, this colouring-in book for children features numbers 1–20 throughout 64 pages of black outline illustrations to colour.Shape Up Your English - Speak and write more fluent English and avoid common mistakesShape Up Your English - Speak and write more fluent English and avoid common mistakesOur price: £12.99ViewLearning any language can be nerve-wracking. It's hard to relax when learning, and it's easy to make mistakes when writing and speaking a language - even if you've been speaking it for years. This book is aimed at the intermediate student of English, but will be helpful to those interested in a few brush-up tips.Tales from Brierybank: four-book slipcase setTales from Brierybank: four-book slipcase setOur price: £24.99ViewAvailable in January 2019
The New Choice English DictionaryThe New Choice English DictionaryOur price: £5.99ViewThe New Choice English Dictionary is often chosen by schools for its students. The dictionary is clearly and concisely presented, has a clear, easy-to-read typeface, and is ideal for use in the school, home and office. With 384 pages, the book has a useful list of commonly misspelled words at the back, and a list of weights and measurements. This dictionary has been in print since 1999 and has been revised several times in this period. The dictionary is very good value as well as good quality. The format is 193 x 124mm, paperback, with a four colour cover. It is suitable for use in junior schools.The Timeline AtlasThe Timeline AtlasOur price: £12.99ViewContents:Twelfth Night - The Student's ShakespeareTwelfth Night - The Student's ShakespeareRRP: £5.99Our price: £2.99You save: £3.00 (50%)ViewTwelfth Night
Wales History of a NationWales History of a NationOur price: £7.99ViewWales History of a Nation by David Ross - updated summer 2019Words Colour Fun Book 1Words Colour Fun Book 1Our price: £5.99ViewWords Colour Fun - Book 1Words Colour Fun Book 2Words Colour Fun Book 2Our price: £5.99ViewThis colouring in book for children features 64 pages of black outline illustrations to colour, with a word to learn. Bright, new and very good value.
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