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Reiki - healing in your hands

REIKI – healing in your hands

Jenni Austin’s book Practising Reiki has long been held as a comprehensive introduction to Reiki. Reiki is a technique to aid healing. The book is available from our website: Geddes and Grosset at : Geddes and Grosset | A book on reiki and healing

The Reiki precepts are that the person seeking healing must have the real desire for change, the desire to be healed completely. Change is not easy. There should be an exchange for Reiki, whether it be money or an energetic one; this is to honour Reiki, and to accept true healing, while removing the conditions of obligation and control.

A Reiki treatment combines the use of universal life energy, with the warm, reassurance and healing power of human touch. Reiki is most popularly known as a hands-on healing technique. Jenni Austin’s book says that while the hands on techniques help with health problems, but also can help with just about any area of life, from relationships to work.

Reiki is not a religion. It is spiritual but not tied to a religion. People of all sorts of faith and belief, benefit from Reiki daily. Reiki is a specific energy that helps our own healing systems to work to their full potential. It helps us to revitalise and balance ourselves. Reiki is not a replacement for medical treatment; it is not a cure all; it is not a cult or weird sect, and it not just a therapy.

While the techniques of Reiki can be taught in a weekend, for most who train, Reiki is a deep commitment for life. There are many classes in how to train on the web. If used with common sense, Reiki is safe and effective once training has been completed.

Life can change overnight, but it can take a minimum of twenty-one days to change your habits. 21 days is a recognised time to introduce you to any habit-breaking behaviour or regime of change.

Jenni Austin Practising Reiki ISBN 9781842056134

Geddes and Grosset | A book on reiki and healing

"I don't want nothing, except a book without scary Latin phrases on how to speak English better..."

Shape up Your English - Speak and write more fluent English and avoid common mistakes


by Betty Kirkpatrick, edited by Eleanor Abraham


Paperback. 234 x 165mm 384 pages. Contains humorous cartoons to make you laugh with no-fear English, and two colour text. RRP £12.99


Shape Up Your English is a fun, easy-to-understand book that helps you improve your English. It shows examples of conversations in the office, with neighbours, acquaintances and contacts and shows common errors and how to avoid them. It also shows you how to write an essay, how to construct good sentences and paragraphs and will help you to develop confidence.

The book explains grammar in an easy way, and is not full of scary Latin terms. The book also demonstrates how to begin and end chats with people in a polite way. And how to avoid pitfalls, and offending people when you don't mean to. We added in cartoons and colour in the text to try to make the book more friendly and make you laugh.

If you are looking for a book to help you practice and understand how to sound more natural when you speak English, Shape Up Your English will help.

In order to communicate with a wide range of people in a wide range of situations in a fluent and natural way, we need a good grasp of English grammar, with a sound knowledge of spoken English and its pronunciation.

Cat got your tongue? English is full of what we call 'idioms' - phrases where the actual meaning of the phrase is different to the obvious meaning of the words it is made up of. And it is important to be able to use the phrases fluently to speak well in English.

We recommend you study this book in bite size chunks of 15 minutes a day.

This book will help you to avoid making common mistakes in English. With the help of sample conversations, you can see examples of idiomatic English and how to chat to people, and to open and close conversations in a polite way.

The information is presented in small chunks so it does not look scary on the page. The book has very clear layout and explains differences and how to practice English. It is a good reference book for learners.

The book has clear headings, a large type size and sub-headings. Key information is contained in boxes so you can go at a slow or quick pace.

Rules of grammar are shown in a friendly way, and there are some cartoons and jokes. This book will help anyone trying to improve their conversational English. It is a good guide to use when using other learning English books also.


EXPANDING YOUR SKILLS: Practice Spoken English; Listening skills; Grammar and usage Idioms; Punctuation; Writing and reading English

SPOKEN ENGLISH: Turn-taking; Non-verbal communication; Telephone conversations: Beginnings and endings Vocabulary

PRONUNCIATION: IPA Syllables and stresses; Vowels; Consonants; Sounds particular to English; Silent letters;

IDIOMS: Origins, Common idioms, Proverbs

CLICHES: A bit of colour - Cliches from idioms; Cliches from over-used phrases; Archaic cliches; Cliches as 'fillers'


SENTENCES: Minor sentences; Simple sentences; Compound sentences; Complex sentences; Types of sentence: statements; Answers; Clauses; Phrases

NOUNS AND PRONOUNS: Uncountable nouns; Plural forms of noun; Pronouns; Personal pronouns and sexist language

ADJECTIVES: Gradable and non-gradable adjectives; Position; Predicative; adjectives ; Colour adjectives; Emphatic adjectives; Interrogative adjectives ; Compound adjectives; Adjectives used as nouns; Adjective or adverb? Comparative forms of adjectives; Superlative forms

DETERMINERS: Referring and quantifying; Definite and indefinite articles ; Demonstrative determiners; Possessive determiners; Indefinite determiners; Number determiners; Determiners and nouns

ADVERBS: Modifying Types of adverb; Gradable and non-gradable

CONJUNCTIONS: Coordinating conjunctions; Subordinating conjunctions

VERBS: 'Doing' and 'being' words; Infinitive Tenses; Participles ; Gerund: Mood, Voice , Auxiliary verbs, Modal auxiliary verbs, Regular verbs, Irregular verbs , Verb agreement, Irregular verb list

PHRASAL VERBS: What's the problem? Position of the object Figurative or literal meaning? Complex phrasal verbs PREPOSITIONS: Simple prepositions; Complex prepositions; Common errors; Word pairs

CONFUSABLE WORDS: Problems, Homophones, Homographs, Homonyms, Which word?

PUNCTUATING PROPERLY: Preserving meaning; Apostrophe; Brackets; Capital letters; Colon; Semicolon; Comma; Dash; Exclamation mark Full stop Hyphen Question mark Quotation marks Three-dot ellipsis

WRITING :Plain English; Editing your Writing: a non-fiction composition; essays; letters, emails and texting

READING COMPREHENSION: Approaching a reading interpretation; What kind of questions? Preparing for a book report A writer's style; What are the themes involved? Narrative; Close reading; Literary terms

MAKING A SPEECH: Your audience; Mind map it; The speech; Making the speech;


About us:

Our company has been publishing books on English grammar , and how to write and speak English well, since 1988. We are based in Scotland and our team worked at Collins, Chambers, Macmillan and Bloomsbury.

G&G Primary Dictionary wins government tender in Mauritius and Rodrigues for primary school supply

Something positive amidst the Brexit chaos for G&G today:

We are delighted to say The G&G Primary Dictionary has been approved by the Ministry of Education for use in primary schools in Mauritius and Rodrigues in 2020 and won the tender. That means there is now a print run going ahead for delivery in a few weeks’ time and the books will be supplied to pupils in schools in Mauritius and Rodrigues. We are working with a partner publisher in Mauritius. Rodrigues is 650 km east of Mauritius – a beautiful part of the world in the Indian Ocean.

The G&G Primary Dictionary was first created for Isaac Books, Ghana, a publisher of award-winning Ghanaian dramatists and the supplier of educational books to Ghanaian government schools, and we also supply the same book to Rombic Concepts, Nigeria, a leading publisher who also distribute Pearson in Nigeria. An adapted edition is licensed to Navneet Education, India, with other customers being supplied direct from Booksource, Cambuslang, Scotland.