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Wales History of a Nation

Wales History of a Nation
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Wales History of a Nation by David Ross - updated

198 x 123mm 320 pages

Wales History of a Nation is now in its third edition. Useful for students studying Welsh history, this book has a clear chronology of events in the story of the Welsh people's long journey through time to the present day.

As a country, Wales began with Henry VIII’s Act of Union in 1536. Before that time, Wales had been a loose collection of kingdoms and lordships with many incursions from Europe. With a history traceable to 250,000 BC, the Welsh are descended from many different peoples.

Wales History of a Nation explains how Wales developed from its Celtic origins, through its joining the Union and its social, political and industrial development from then through to the modern age.

This is a clear, excellent and popular introduction to Welsh history written by the bestselling historian David Ross. It is an ideal guide for the student, as well as the tourist.


  • Pre-Celtic Wales
  • Celtic Wales
  • Roman Wales
  • ‘Dark Age’ Wales
  • The Early Middle Ages
  • The Normans in Wales (Henry I and Henry II)
  • The Princes (Llywelyn, Llywelyn II)
  • England’s Province (Edward I)
  • The Last Prince (Owain Glyndwr)
  • Towards Union (Henry VIII and the Acts of Union)
  • Life in the Sixteenth Century
  • Elizabethan and Stewart Wales
  • Wales in the Seventeenth Century
  • Industrial Wales: 1800–1920
  • A New Idea of Wales 1918–1939
  • World War II and the Assembly
  • A Chronology of Wales
  • Bibliography
  • Index

David Ross is a historian and author of Ireland History of a Nation, among other books.

ISBN: 9781849343336

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