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Jesus Calls His Disciples

Cover for Jesus Calls His Disciples
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Cover for Jesus Calls His DisciplesJesus Calls His Disciples
Our price: £3.99

Suitable for children aged 5+, these favourite Bible stories are retold by Judy
Hamilton, and illustrated by Lindsay Duff. They are especially suitable for reading
aloud. TPS: 167 x 114mm; 32pp self-ends. Hardback.

Jesus Calls His Disciples is the story of Jesus being baptized by John the Baptist,
who at first feels too humble to be worthy of this act. This gentle story explains how Jesus asks two fishermen, Simon and Andrew, in Galilee, to take him out on the water so he can preach to the people who have gathered on the shore. The fishermen take him, but explain they had caught no fish that day. Jesus tells the men to let out their nets, and the fishermen suddenly catch many fish. Jesus then asks the men to come with him, as his disciples and to be ‘fishers of men’. Jesus teaches his disciples about the values of love, humility and the evils of greed and envy. Jesus also teaches and shows the importance of having faith and trust. He picks Simon Peter to be his ‘rock’ on which Christianity is built (‘Peter’ means ‘stone’.)

There are four books in this series. The text is in British English.

(For booksellers, these books are packed in 48's.)

ISBN: 9781910965566

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